Two transformers - models 15951 and 15952 - can be used in many industrial control systems. In addition to fire and burglar alarms, the transformers are ideal for intercom systems, paging systems, doorbells, HVAC applications, industrial control panels, commercial appliances, and other uses requiring a UL-listed Class 2 control transformer. Both models work from a 115-V, 50/60-Hz input and have an output of 16 vac. The Model 15951 is rated 15 VA, while the 15952 has a 30-VA rating. When used with a rectifier and filter capacitor, the transformers are suitable for 24-vdc control systems. Both transformers are intended for permanent installation and offer a variety of mounting options including clamp, conduit nipple, and outlet box cover plate styles. Low-voltage connections are made to a two-position screw terminal for convenient field installation.

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