A 500-20,000-cfm air-handling unit contains AHRI-Certified™ heating and cooling coils, for verifiable performance, especially critical for LEED® documentation, the company states. Rated up to 8-inches static pressure, and available with Fanwall Technology® by Huntair®, the unit can be used in low-height ceiling installations or limited-space equipment rooms. The removable side panels provide easy access to internal components, and offer the needed rigidity (deflection L/240 and <1 percent leakage) to maintain a tight air seal. Two-inch double-wall construction is standard with either fiberglass or foam insulation options for thermal bridging protection. The insulated and pitched drain pan aids in the drainage and prevention of contaminates. Features include factory-wired fans, custom electrical panel, and VFD drive options, for fast installation and start-up, while reducing on-site labor costs. According to the manufacturer, the new compact fan coil unit, Model VFCU, is an important part of its custom approach.

Ventrol Air Handling Systems Inc., a CES Group Co., 9100 du Parcours, Ville D’Anjou, QC H1J 2Z1 Canada; 514-354-7776; 514-354-2110 (fax); info@ventrol.com; www.ventrol.com

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