ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. has announced the launch of its new FFAS Condensing Unit for commercial refrigeration walk-in coolers. Designed to work with multiple refrigerants, the FFAS unit accommodates R-22, R-404A, R-507, R-134a, and R-407C. The unit also features a high-efficiency Copeland Scroll® compressor and Copeland PerformanceAlert™ diagnostic electronics.

“With the phaseout of HCFCs and the shift to HFC refrigerants that began in 2010, wholesalers, contractors, and end-users alike are facing new challenges,” said Bob Labbett, vice president of marketing, Distribution Services Division for Emerson Climate Technologies. “Flexibility is a key driver here, so we’ve been focusing on developing products rated for multiple refrigerants for the past two years.

“The multi-refrigerant approvals for the FFAS gives contractors flexibility to select the right refrigerant for the application,” he added. “It also reduces the number of SKUs that wholesalers need to carry in their branches.”

The FFAS is a part of Emerson’s F-line offering, which the company says provides a broad line of integral horsepower condensing units for refrigeration applications. In addition to supplying a high-efficiency Copeland Scroll compressor, Emerson said the added benefit of integrated electronics provides enhanced system reliability and service savings over the life of the product. Copeland PerformanceAlert uses the compressor as a sensor to monitor compressor operating conditions, providing advanced system protection and diagnostics to make it easier for contractors to diagnose and prevent refrigeration system failures.

The FFAS is available through Emerson Authorized Full Line and Authorized Copeland wholesalers. For more information, visit

Publication date:09/27/2010