The Sunsource® home energy system fully integrates solar power in harnessing renewable energy to reduce the electricity used by the entire heat pump or air conditioning system, and to operate other devices in the home that consume electricity - such as lighting and appliances - when the system is not running. If the system generates more power than the home uses, the excess power is sent back to the utility company for a possible credit on the homeowner’s utility bill. It can also monitor real-time and historical information about the power generated by the solar modules, including environmental benefits like the amount of carbon offset by the solar energy production. Homeowners can start small with just one solar panel and expand the system over time to as many as 15 panels per outdoor HVAC unit. The Solar Ready feature of the heat pump or air conditioner lets homeowners include the solar panels when a Lennox system is installed, or at a later date. The home energy system is available with several products from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection.

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