ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - Bronz-Glow Technologies Inc. entered into a certified application agreement with Leminar Coils LLC, which is located in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Leminar Coils will be the primary applicator of Bronz-Glow’s Husky Coil Coat for replacement coils, as well as coating new equipment.

Leminar Coils, part of the Al Shirawi Group of companies, has nine retail locations that distribute air conditioning equipment and supplies. These outlets will now also carry Bronz-Glow’s DIY products.

A new coating facility, currently being established, will service not only residential and smaller unitary equipment, but also air-cooled chillers entering the UAE marketplace. Leminar Coils will provide factory coating services, field coating services, coating sales, and coating applications for replacement coils they manufacture.

The agreement executed between Bronz-Glow and Leminar Coils will cover Oman, Qatar, and all the emirates of the UAE.

Publication date:11/29/2010