The LP-13 Shake Absorber® vibration isolation pad has a three-layer design to reduce vibration and noise under machinery including commercial and residential HVAC units. According to the company, vibration in one piece of equipment can adversely affect the functions of other equipment that surrounds it, and in extreme cases, when equipment is not properly isolated, even structural damage can occur. The pad was designed to effectively isolate vibrations and return equipment to peak performance levels. The three-layer design is made of one layer of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS plastic) between two layers of custom-blended neoprene, which converts mechanical energy into a small amount of heat energy, and that, in effect, prevents transfer of vibration at the contact points. Features include temperature ranges from -40 to 220°F and water absorption of less than 2 percent. The pad also provides low decibel sound reduction and is oil, abrasion, flame, and UV resistant. By determining several factors such as the number of feet or contact points of the equipment, weight, and rpm, the pad can be manufactured and cut to specifications that best fit the application, says the company.

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