The design of the Hyperion™ air handler makes it easy to install by one person and allows four-way installation flexibility right out of the box, eliminating baffles or the need to reposition the coil or drain pan. According to the manufacturer, the all-aluminum, 100 percent recyclable coil is exponentially more durable than standard copper coils, which are susceptible to formicary corrosion. The Vortica™ blower provides reliable, ultraquiet operation. Electronic expansion valves provide the ability to change refrigerants with a simple dip switch selection. Major components slide out for easy accessibility with the integrated rail system. The air handler is constructed with insulation between the walls of the Air-Tite™ II cabinet, which prevents condensation that may cause damage to the air handler itself or to a consumer’s home. In addition to eliminating “sweating,” the cabinet also eliminates the loose fibers from fiberglass insulation, which may enter the airstream.

Trane, Tyler, TX;

eProduct 190