TORONTO - According to the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH), its September 2010 PHCP Wholesalers’ Sales Report showed sales were up 8.4 percent.

CIPH reported that September was a $509 million dollar month, and noted, “The industry has not seen these numbers since 2008. The confidential report produced by the Profit Planning Group shows that September was up 8.4 percent or up $39.5 million compared to September 2009.”

Year-to-date total sales were up 8.7 percent or $308.2 million dollars for a year-to-date total of $3.8 billion. CIPH reported that sales were up across all regions.

The report also included the following findings:

• Plumbing had the 2nd best month of the year so far with strongest growth in West, Ontario, and Quebec.

• Hydronics had the best month of the year so far.

• IPVF had the best month with strongest growth in Alberta, West, and Quebec.

• Waterworks had the second best month of the year with strongest growth in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Atlantic.

Publication date:11/29/2010