WINNIPEG, Manitoba - D. Brian Baker, CMS founder and instructor of Westech Energy Training Center, announced the following successful graduates from the 92-hour Fifth Class Power Engineers course: Keith Richard Chartrand, Peter Duchominsky, Louis Finch, Lorne Green, Walter Lozinski, John Morganti, Gurminder Singh, Peter Louis, Peter Pirch, Harry Thiessen, and Donna Wade.

Duchominsky achieved the highest overall course mark in excess of 90 percent; Peter Pirch achieved the highest overall mark in section tests of over 85 percent; and John Morganti, Walter Lozinski, Keith Richard Chartrand, and Peter Duchominsky all shared in perfect attendance.

The 92-hour course was delivered in a face-to-face setting held every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., covering 25 weeks. According to Westech Energy Training Center, its facility features a full kitchen, comfortable seating, exceptional climate controlled indoor environment, high-efficiency air cleaning and mechanical ventilation system, energy efficient building, and state-of-the-art audio, visual, and imaging equipment.

Westech also prides itself in actually delivering 92 hours of contact time to properly deliver the material. Baker said, “This means that break time should never take away from the required learning time. This is why our 92-hour course takes 25 weeks to complete.”

Student Pirch said, “Brian’s commitment goes far beyond the classroom teaching. He is there for us seven days a week and never tires of ‘stupid’ questions. He is very enthusiastic and tries very hard to make even the dullest sections exciting. He doesn’t just teach us. He is very concerned that we learn and understand the material. And I know that in the future Brian will still be willing to answer any questions.”

Publication date:09/06/2010