Rapid Recovery, a refrigerant abatement company, has announced the launch of its on-site Refrigerant Buyback Program.

“With advances in refrigerant testing, we’ve been able to establish an industry leading new Buyback Program to meet our customer’s refrigerant recovery needs,” said Adam Dykstra of Rapid Recovery.

Buyback program elements include:

• Variable credit for 90 percent or better HCFC-22;

• Most common refrigerants accepted at no charge;

• Nominal mixed refrigerant disposal fee;

• Free refrigerant testing with new advanced equipment;

• Immediate on-site credit;

• On-site service for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-certified refrigerant recovery and documentation;

• ARI certified gas-powered recovery equipment;

• Rapid Recovery assumes EPA liability on all completed projects.

Rapid Recovery was founded in 2002 to service the EPA-certified refrigerant recovery needs of contractors, refrigeration distributors, and in-house service departments.

Information can be found at www.raprec.com.

Publication date:12/06/2010