Fulton intern group
Twelve of Fulton’s 14 student interns — representing nine different U.S. colleges and universities — begin their work in the company’s inaugural intern program.

PULASKI, N.Y. — Fulton Cos. launched a formal collegiate internship program, with 14 student interns participating in the program’s inaugural summer.

Ranging anywhere from engineering and business to technology majors, the students are put to work assuming the responsibilities and challenges of a full-time professional.

“It’s important for students to get a dose of real work,” said Zach Hilton, program coordinator and in-house recruiter, Fulton Cos. “I wanted to provide every intern with the opportunity of new experiences that will help them formulate an idea about what they want to do before they get into the workforce.”

Summer 2012 is the first year Fulton has instituted the formal internship program, with the goal of developing a qualified pool of candidates for employment.

Hilton said he wanted to ensure that Fulton hired interns in multiple departments to allow variety. He is a firm believer that programs like this not only promote the local economy, but also display long-time investment within small communities such as Pulaski, N.Y.

“There aren’t a lot of internship options in this area,” he said. “I wanted to provide local students with the opportunity I didn’t have.”

For more information, visit Fulton Cos.’ website at www.fulton.com.

Publication date: 7/16/2012