The VLT® soft starter MCD500 with Adaptive Acceleration Control (AAC) enables users to select different acceleration and deceleration profiles according to specific application needs, optimizing performance and maximizing energy efficiency. It offers both constant current and Adaptive Acceleration Control. The soft starter is available in 23 models and five different frame sizes, from 21A to 1600A (7.5 - 800 kW). The G1 frame size is IP20 rated, and G2-G5 frame sizes are IP00-rated. Optional finger guard kits are available for the G2-G5 frames to achieve IP20. The unit has user friendly four-line plain language and graphical display and supports eight languages, including Chinese. A simulation function lets users test the external control circuits and equipment without connecting the unit to line voltage or a motor. The soft starter’s communication options support the following field bus networks: ASCII for Remote Operator and WinMaster, Profibus DP, DeviceNet and Modbus RTU, and USB option.

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