COMPANY:Van Natta Mechanical Corp. (Mahwah, N.J.)

INSTALLATION:LG Electronics USA Multi V Sync II outdoor units and ducted units

COMPLETION:November 2009

CUSTOMER:North Jersey Community Bank (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.)

OBJECTIVE:To renovate the free-standing three-story bank and offices with an HVAC installation capable of simultaneous heating and cooling in separate zones.

DESCRIPTION:In 2009, North Jersey Community Bank required HVAC renovations in a challenging environment that included height restriction, various heat loads, and strict comfort requirements. Van Natta Mechanical installed three LG Multi V Sync II outdoor units - each consisting of a three-pipe heat pump system - and 21 LG low-profile ducted units inside the building. The LG Multi V Sync II was chosen for its ability to handle diverse loads requiring simultaneous heating and cooling in different zones with a load greater than 4 tons.

NJCB employees had complained about the volume of the old HVAC system, so another winning feature of the new LG Multi V was its low sound levels. Indoor units can operate at sound levels as low as 23dBa, and outdoor units operate as low as 50dBa or lower with night quiet operations.

“LG’s commercial HVAC products provide a competitive trifecta of energy efficiency, advanced climate controls, and low sound levels.”
-Christiano Pereira, Principal, LEED AP, architect, CPA Architecture

Publication date:10/25/2010