The G Series geothermal heat pumps include units available from 2 to 6 tons, and up to 4.8 COP and 28 EER, as well as console units and indoor and outdoor splits. The Q Series is an all-in-one geothermal boiler, furnace, and air conditioner. The Y Series geothermal heat pumps have a hot water heater as an option. All units are AHRI certified and Energy Star® rated, as applicable. Commercial units are also available with the GXW and Z Series. Accessories available include thermostats, geothermal storage tanks, and air handlers. According to the manufacturer, the units are a premium distributor brand that will be sold only to select wholesale distributors who will then offer the line to their contractor customers. The quick-ship program enhances distributor inventory turns and maximizes channel partner satisfaction, the company says.

GeoStar, Attn: John Preston, director of distributor sales, WaterFurnace; 507-252-1378;;

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