ROCKVILLE, Md. - The Mechanical Contractors Association of America Inc. (MCAA) released the latest in its supervisor safety training series. “Reduce the Risk: Pre-Task Safety and Health Planning for Supervisors” provides the education that mechanical construction supervisors need to reduce risks by pre-planning for potentially hazardous tasks.

By watching the DVD, viewers will learn how to identify potentially hazardous tasks, conduct task hazard analyses, and implement corresponding safe work procedures. “This resource shows supervisors how to include safety as a standard part of their normal construction planning processes,” said Pete Chaney, MCAA director of safety and health. He added, “Pre-planning has been shown to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses.” A study conducted by the Construction Industry Institute identified pre-project/pre-task safety and health planning as one of five critical components of a successful safety program.

MCAA members and local affiliated associations will receive a free copy of the DVD in their regular membership mailing. Nonmembers can order the DVD at

Publication date:10/25/2010