The FloPro Team Neighborhood is an online community hosted by Taco as an environment for industry professionals to gather and discuss everything from hydronics to Harleys.

CRANSTON, R.I. - Taco has built an online community, the FloPro Team Neighborhood. Accessible at, the Neighborhood is a social learning environment where professionals come to gather and share notes, ideas, successes, and challenges.

“The Neighborhood gives contractors and hydronic professionals a place to ask questions, share jobsite experiences, photographs and advice with other like-minded professionals,” said John Barba, Taco’s contractor training and trade program manager, and also the Neighborhood’s unofficial mayor.

According to Barba, the Neighborhood is where contractors, worldwide, can discuss all things relating to hydronics and home comfort, the latest solar thermal technology, and even the newest Harley, fly fishing gear, or titanium driver.

“The idea came to me at a training session when I saw four contractors, previously complete strangers, deep in conversation about their businesses - a discussion that eventually moved to hobbies and other interesting things,” Barba said. “I thought, ‘We need to bottle that energy.’ That gave birth to the Neighborhood.”

Only a few months into its construction phase, the Neighborhood has already drawn 500-plus members. “It’s teeming with activity and excitement. People are chatting back and forth routinely and, as we get suggestions and recommendations, we jump on the improvements. So, just as you’d expect with the building of a neighborhood, it’s changing and getting better each day as members offer new ideas.”

The Neighborhood permits professionals from all over the world to keep up with other industry professionals, make friends, swap family pictures or join one of several recreational groups. It also hosts Barba’s FloPro Blog where he artfully blends his two favorite topics: music and hydronic equipment.

Publication date:08/30/2010