MORRIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Honeywell has announced a strategic partnership with Barrier Sciences Group (BSG), which specializes in residential and commercial building envelope projects in Canada, to bring Enovate™PRO products from Honeywell’s Weatherization Contractor Program to the Canadian marketplace.

Under the partnership, BSG will establish a network of professionally trained contractors to install weatherization products, which are available only to contractors who are certified under Honeywell’s Weatherization Contractor Program.

“We are very pleased to partner with BSG, a company that is committed to providing sound, economical solutions to improve comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency for their customers,” said Bryan Magnus, business manager for weatherization products and services at Honeywell. “BSG’s science-based approach contributes to the improvement in continuity, durability, health, and overall quality and integrity of the building envelope. We are looking forward to being linked with Canada’s most trusted name in air and moisture protection.”

“As a delivery agent of quality products, BSG welcomes this association with the global Honeywell brand, which is well known for its products and services in energy management,” said Rob Simpson, president of Barrier Sciences Group. “This initiative is the next logical step toward optimal building performance.”

Honeywell’s Weatherization Contractor Program is designed to provide insulation, HVAC, and building performance contractors with professional development training designed to allow them to perform air sealing and weatherization work on homes or commercial buildings. The training includes analyzing the building envelope, methods and products for air sealing and weatherization, and health and safety best practices. In addition to being trained by Honeywell, contractors are required to become certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) to become Authorized Honeywell EnovatePRO Contractors. These contractors then have access to Honeywell EnovatePRO products and materials, including foam sealants and commercial grade weather stripping, used to perform weatherization contracting work.

Honeywell noted that, according to a recent study by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, weatherization services save families an average of more than $400 in energy costs during the first year after home retrofits are installed.

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Publication date:11/01/2010