Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) has officially launched what it describes as a “new and improved” website. The updated website ( “more accurately reflects the current branding and positioning of the environmental care program,” RMC said in a press release issued April 27.

“The new website is more visually engaging, user-friendly, and contains up-to-date information about the program for contractors and other stakeholders, including the general public,” RMC said. Visitors to the site see an “Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Counter” on the homepage. This feature tallies - in kilograms - the current quantity of surplus refrigerant waste that has been safely collected and destroyed by the RMC program since its inception in 2000. (As of March 30, 2010, the figure reached 1.9 million kilograms.)

“This particular feature will allow our stakeholders to track our progress as we approach the 2 million kilogram milestone,” said Dennis Larson, chair of the RMC program. “Over the last 10 years, the program has grown substantially due to the continuous support of contractors, wholesalers, and other participants. This website brings a fresh, new image to the program and better reflects RMC in its maturity.”

Two other odometers are also featured on the new site - one that reports the program’s efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and another that reports the reduction in ozone depletion potential.

Contractors, wholesalers, and collection service providers can also utilize a “members area.” This section contains the program’s operating guidelines, pertinent updates, templates for use by wholesalers and contractors, and training modules.

Also featured on the site is a program information section that outlines the formal process for the collection, transportation, storage, and disposal of ozone depleting refrigerants, which is fashioned after the current reclamation system in the industry.

Publication date:08/23/2010