The EE240 wireless sensors offer measurement of humidity, temperature, or CO2. Up to three intelligent probes can be connected to each transmitter. Each probe operates independently and can be hot-swapped. Remote probes allow the sensing head to be placed at a distance of up to 10m away from the transmitter. These features make the wireless sensors especially suited for industrial applications that require sensors to be routinely recalibrated without affecting network operation, says the company. The measured values can be read directly off the display on the transmitter or read remotely using a web browser from any PC in the company network. The base station features a digital Ethernet interface for effective connection to the network and data analysis. The integrated web server allows the user to easily and individually configure the wireless sensor network from any PC without installing any software. The base station comes with four analog outputs for connection to a system controller. A mobile measuring system with up to 500 transmitter stations can be built without having to install any wiring. In addition to this high degree of flexibility, coded bidirectional communication ensures completely secure data transmission.

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