AUSTIN, Texas, and SAN JOSE, Calif. - RF Code Inc. and Future Facilities Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership to integrate RF Code’s wire-free environmental sensor-based monitoring solution into the Future Facilities “Virtual Facility” data center modeling environment. Available upon the release of 6SigmaDC V6, the integrated solution is said to be the first to combine real-time monitoring and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools.

According to the companies, the integration of real-time monitoring and simulation offers a complete view of the past, present, and future states of the data center environment in a unified system that will alert the data center manager to existing environmental or performance problems and help him steer clear of potential future problems.

RF Code’s wire-free, active RFID-based software solution monitors and alerts about a broad range of environmental factors, from changes in temperature and humidity to the sudden presence of dangerous conductive liquids.

Future Facilities’ Virtual Facility is a 3D, photorealistic historical record of operational change, and a predictive tool for capacity planning and calculating the environmental response of any future changes.

The Virtual Facility model now accepts environmental data directly from RF Code sensors. By integrating environmental data into the Virtual Facility model, customers now get a complete picture about the past, real-time present, and future status and performance of their physical data center assets. This includes both performance data predicted by the Virtual Facility model, as well as environmental data collected by RF Code sensors, to help in operating a more efficient and cost-effective data center.

“We’re delighted to have RF Code as a partner,” said Hassan Moezzi, director of Future Facilities. “Their open approach to integration has made it easy to extend the value of our Virtual Facility approach by adding critical environmental information that affects the performance and availability of our customers’ physical assets.”

“We’re pleased to be working closely with Future Facilities,” said Mitch Medford, CEO of RF Code. “Together, our integrated solutions are giving data center and facilities personnel the predictive, real-time tools they need to run more effective, efficient operations.”

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Publication date:07/19/2010