HFC-422C, marketed by ICOR as OneShot®, is being used as an alternative to HCFC-22 in low and medium temperature applications.

As the price of HCFC-22 continues to rise, refrigerant users and equipment owners are focusing more on system change outs or refrigerant conversion efforts.

For some, depending upon the specific application, moving away from R-22 can also mean energy savings. According to officials at ICOR International, replacing R-22 with HFC-422C in low or medium temp refrigeration applications can mean what the company said would be “a dramatic drop in energy use.”

It was also noted that “a lower carbon footprint” would accompany the energy drop since HFC refrigerants are not ozone depleting, as are HCFCs. “For the food storage and distribution industry (such as grocers) who operate traditionally and on very slim margins, the dollar savings is a welcome side benefit,” said Gordon McKinney of ICOR.


As an example, a SuperValu® affiliate in the Midwest did a conversion from R-22 to R-422C (which ICOR markets as One Shot®C) in one of its rack systems. Prior to converting the system, the operating conditions were recorded. The existing R-22 was recovered to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. The power elements on the TXV were changed to those rated for R-422C. The original mineral oil did not need to be changed out since R-422C works with that lubricant.

Guidelines established by ICOR were followed in the conversion process. Following that, the operating conditions were recorded and compared to the pre-conversion data. According to those findings, the individual compressors showed an increase in capacity and efficiency at all condensing temperatures calculated.

According to McKinney, “At the lower condensing temperatures, the total of the three remaining compressors with One Shot exceeds the total of four with R-22. So reaching set point will occur quicker, contributing to increased energy savings. The system’s overall performance was more than favorable and all parties involved consider the conversion a success.”


McKinney added, “The return on investment in the form of power savings by converting a low or medium temp R-22 system to One Shot far outweighs the additional cost of replacing the power element.”

This material was supplied by ICOR International. For more information, go to www.icorinternational.com.

Publication date: 08/02/2010