The True Dual two-stage infrared heaters lower operating costs and improve comfort and air quality in commercial and industrial buildings, including auto repair/body shops, fire stations, farm buildings, warehouses, car washes, maintenance facilities, manufacturing plants, aircraft hangars, ice/roller rinks, and sports arenas, according to the company. The heaters are fueled by natural gas or propane. When the facility is cool, the heaters operate in high-heat mode relative to a preselected set point temperature. The heaters automatically power down to the energy-saving low-heat setting when the desired temperature is reached. Excessive overheating is prevented and softer, more stable and comfortable environment is maintained. The heaters are available in input ratings from 85,000/65,000 Btuh (high heat/low heat) to 200,000/145,000 Btuh for both natural gas and propane. The burner is fully assembled and factory tested. The reflectors utilize a patented design for optimum infrared dispersion and have a reflectional efficiency exceeding 90 percent. Each reflector section can be precisely angled to direct heat where needed.

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