The KPO Model portable indoor-outdoor air conditioner can be used outside by ducting the cold air in, or inside by ducting the hot air out. The condenser and cold supply and return air can be ducted using high static blowers. The a/c unit offers 12 tons of cooling. It has quick-disconnect duct collars for ease of use and prevention of collar damage during transport. The 32 by 64-inch footprint of this unit allows it to fit through a standard 36-inch doorway. Each air conditioner has a reciprocating compressor and two 12-inch flanges for supply air and two 12-inch flanges for return air. Features include cam locks with internal circuit breaker for easy power hookup, phase and power monitor gives electrical protection from power quality issues, low ambient temperature controls, easy-access service doors, and digital controls with auto restart and short cycle protection.

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