The Airrex Medical Cooler HSC-14S is a portable air conditioner with built-in UV lighting. According to the manufacturer, the UV system can help ensure that the air supply is as sanitary as possible. It automatically removes moisture, dehumidifying air in a/c mode. The unit has a cooling capacity of 13,600 Btuh and a water removal (95°F at 65 percent rh) of 16 gallons per day. Features include an aluminum mesh cartridge air filter, evaporator airflow of 440 cubic feet per minute, and R-410A refrigerant. Safety devices include a thermostat and relief valve for the compressor, high-pressure switch, low-pressure switch, and auto full-tank shutoff. The dimensions are 19.3 (width) by 23.6 (depth) by 46.8 (height) inches.

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