COLUMBUS, Ohio - Emerson Network Power has announced the availability of a new, free eBook, “What Smart Grid Means to You.” In the eBook, Emerson Network Power said its experts outline strategies to help those on the front lines of the smart grid transition. The eBook addresses challenges and opportunities for IT departments, consulting and specifying engineers, facility managers, telecom providers, and solar power integrators.

The company notes that the nation’s current electrical grid is not capable of addressing the unique demands and challenges of a next-generation power infrastructure - like the desire to incorporate alternate energy sources and to make energy-use decisions based on real-time pricing information. To realize the benefits of a smart grid, organizations need to begin planning now. The smart grid will be able to handle multiple sources and levels of electricity generation, incorporating clean, alternate energy, like wind and solar. Through digital delivery and control interfaces, it will allow consumers to make informed decisions about their power use.

“Emerson Network Power has power expertise from grid to chip - from embedded power supplies and converters to power transfer switches to uninterruptible power supplies, and our peer businesses within Emerson broaden that range tremendously - from power generation to the thermostats at the point of consumption,” said Charles O’Donnell, vice president of engineering for the Liebert AC Power business of Emerson Network Power in North America. “This eBook allows us to share some basic information to help organizations prepare for a smart grid, and ultimately take advantage of capabilities that could significantly benefit our planet and their bottom line.”

To complement the eBook, Emerson Network Power is also releasing a smart grid video series. The eBook and videos are available at

Publication date:05/17/2010