Energy-efficient refrigeration system.

FONTANA, Calif. - C&L Refrigeration, one of the largest industrial refrigeration contractors in the western United States, has announced the completion of an environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient design/build industrial refrigeration system for a new 570,000-square-foot food storage and distribution center in Fontana, Calif.

C&L said the state-of-the-art project has over 140,000 square feet of 34°-36°F refrigerated area, which includes a main 136,000-square-foot refrigerated warehouse space with numerous 30-foot-high continuous aisles that are each themselves 360 feet long. There is also approximately 149,000 square feet of 65° conditioned area and 223,000 square feet of dry storage.

The environmentally-friendly refrigeration system uses ammonia refrigerant because of its sustainability and because it complements and supports the many environmentally-friendly and organic products that C&L’s client, in this case, sells at its neighborhood stores.

The refrigeration system also includes multiple energy efficiency features such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) on the lead compressor and condenser fans, premium efficiency motors, floating head pressure based on ambient wet-bulb temperature, floating suction pressure controls, and high-efficiency air units that utilize minimum fan input power. Other key energy efficiency measures include increased wall and roof insulation R values, and motor sensors for lighting controls. “By implementing these multiple energy efficiency measures, it has helped our client obtain a Savings By Design (SBD) potential incentive of over $300,000 from the utility company,” explained Ron Cassell, president of C&L Refrigeration.

“Everyone’s commitment to safety was evident throughout the refrigeration project and many safety considerations were built-in,” said Jon Kwok, director of engineering at C&L. The locations of the air units minimize the risk of being hit. Stainless steel evaporators were used for longevity and corrosion resistant coating was applied on the refrigerant piping prior to insulation to minimize corrosion. A state-of-the-art Quell™ fire suppression system that does not rely on in-rack components and anti-freeze was installed over conventional systems.

The short project schedule, the necessity for all equipment to be inside, and the massive amounts of pipe (over 2,500 feet) that needed to be installed and welded on a rooftop with daily temperatures over 100° all presented challenges. This is where C&L said its engineering and construction team relied on its experience and expertise to deliver successful solutions.

“We are proud to be part of the team to design and construct this distribution center for our client and allow them to continue to provide new and unique grocery products at their local neighborhood stores,” said Cassell.

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Publication date:04/05/2010