SALT LAKE CITY - Tropical Heating and Air Conditioning and Family Heating and Cooling have merged to form a new company called Zephyr Clean Air.

According to Zephyr, it utilizes some of the world’s leading technologies to improve indoor air quality. Supplementing its full range of traditional heating and air conditioning services along with insulation, water heaters, and fireplaces, the company said its focus on air quality is geared toward providing homeowners and businesses with optimal comfort, safety, and energy efficiency at an honest price.

“Most people in Salt Lake City understand that the air quality outside can be dangerous to breathe, particularly in the winter months. However, they may not realize that the air they are breathing indoors is potentially more harmful,” said David Meibos, Zephyr Clean Air’s CEO. “Purified air helps people breathe easier, minimize sickness, and have greater energy. Zephyr’s research shows that we can eliminate harmful allergens and particles that are present in nearly every home and office in the area, which will lead to better living.”

Traditional air testing has focused only on scanning for harmful allergens, said the company. Zephyr is currently the only service provider in the Salt Lake Valley that is certified by AirAdvice® diagnostic systems to perform in-depth state-of-the-art testing that encompasses dozens of elements. This process goes several steps further, said Zephyr, by testing humidity levels and consistent air placement as well as allergens and other particulates. The company then creates a custom plan based upon those findings that takes the homeowners’ lifestyle and budget into account. Solutions include adjusting existing systems and recommending new components as well as introducing low-cost and no-cost activities.

The company said it maintains continuing training for its technicians and an ongoing commitment to customer service with the highest standards for timeliness, professionalism, and cleanliness.

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Publication date:04/26/2010