The Tranquility® (TAH) air handler series are specifically designed and matched for use with the Tranquility indoor and outdoor geothermal split systems, making them an ideal choice for high-efficiency retrofits, says the company. They are available in sizes in the range of 26, 38, 49, and 64 MBtuh. According to the manufacturer, when paired with a split unit, the air handler has the highest energy-efficiency ratings of any system on the market today and uses the refrigerant Earthpure® HFC-410A. The units are fully convertible upflow, downflow, and horizontal right and left downflow, allowing them to be installed in remote applications such as crawl spaces or attics. Features include condensate overflow protection, 230-115-V compatibility, bidirectional thermal expansion valve, control transformer with circuit breaker protection, large removable access panels, and dehumidification mode for high latent cooling. Options include electronic thermostat and auto-changeover thermostat with three-stage heat, two-stage cool; indicator LEDs; and a 10-year limited labor allowance.

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