GOLD: Wireless Zone One

Jackson Systems LLC’s Wireless Zone One™ (WZ1™) damper assemblies are installed in the duct work supplying an individual zone and are designed to prevent or eliminate overcooling and/or overheating of individual zones within a commercial building. The assemblies consist of the damper, control module and sensor, and a WZ1-T thermostat. The WZ1-T thermostat is placed within the conditioned space to serve as an interface for the user and senses temperature within this space. It is battery powered and wirelessly communicates with the damper. The wireless thermostat allows the contractor to place the thermostat in the most convenient location within the space. There are also limits that can set in the thermostat that allows contractors to keep the users within a prescribed range of temperature set points. An automatic changeover duct sensor located on the damper senses whether there is warm air or cool air in the branch supply duct.

Jackson Systems LLC

SILVER: System 450 Reset Control Modules

Johnson Controls/PENN added new Reset Control Modules to the System 450 Modular Electronic Controls family. These modules provide temperature or humidity reset, real-time setback, and load balancing (equal run time) capability. Additionally, they provide Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) relay outputs and all of the other features offered with the standard System 450 control modules for temperature and humidity control. The family of products and their plug-together modular controls offers an unlimited number of applications that contractors can accurately monitor and control, according to the company. It also offers up to three inputs per reset control module; up to 10 stages of control, allowing for both simple and complex control systems; an adjustable reset set point based on outdoor temperature; and a backlit LCD that provides a quick, clear visual status of the control system's sensor with the touch of a button. Typical reset applications include temperature control for single stage or multi-stage boilers - up to 10 stages - with or without load balancing and humidity reset and temperature control for natatorium/swimming pool zones. The C450RxN-1 modules can be configured for custom application-specific control systems with reset control and/or real-time setback control for temperature and humidity applications.

Johnson Controls

BRONZE: WRZ Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor

The new WRZ-STR0000-0 wireless sensor from Johnson Controls is designed to sense temperature in cold storage applications. The WRZ-STR0000 80mm x 120mm sensor transmitter includes a WRZ-PTR0000 temperature probe with a 9-foot wired lead. The sensor is encapsulated in a clear acrylic cylinder and can be mounted remotely from the transmitter. The acrylic cylinder acts as a buffer eliminating spikes in temperature variation due to a refrigerator door being opened. The wireless sensor leverages the Metasys system web based platform to provide temperature information. It has an LCD display that is configurable for Celsius or Fahrenheit and provides wireless strength status, wireless connection, and battery condition. The wireless transmitter is powered by two AA batteries and the typical battery life for the WRZ-STR0000 is 5 years.

Johnson Controls