The VIP-125 is a 125-W amplifier designed to economically simplify fire alarm voice evacuation system design. It can be mounted up to 6,000 feet away from any compatible Silent Knight VIP Series of fire alarm control panels for convenient installation and reduced speaker circuit wire runs. Utilized to push audio communications to speakers throughout mid- to large-scale fire alarm voice evacuation systems, the amplifier can be used for campuses, expansive buildings, and high-rise applications. The self-contained unit comes equipped with a built-in power supply, battery-backup connection, and four speaker circuits. An optional circuit splitter card is available to easily double each unit’s speaker circuits to eight. Moreover, as many as eight VIP-125s can be distributed in convenient locations across extensive installations to provide up to 1,000 W of amplification power. All Silent Knight VIP Series products run on minimal quantities of wire, which serves to reduce installation time and material costs in new construction projects while facilitating the use of existing wire in retrofit applications.

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