The HP-40 hybrid is a 40-gallon hybrid heat pump water heater for smaller residential applications. It has twice the efficiency of a standard electric water heater, says the company. The unit offers three separate modes of operation. According to the manufacturer, the heat pump-only Energy Saver mode is the most energy-efficient setting; it works by extracting warmth from the surrounding air, concentrating the heat, and delivering it to the water. High Demand mode can be used when peak hot-water demands are very high, using the combination “heat pump/electric elements” mode. The third mode, Electric Heat Only, has a temporary “electric heat only” setting available to ensure hot-water availability without operating the heat pump. If not reset by the user, the HP-40 hybrid will revert back to its previous setting (either Energy Saver or High Demand) after two weeks.

Rheem Water Heating, Montgomery, AL;

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