MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Frost & Sullivan has recognized Kimberly-Clark with its 2010 North America Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership of the Year Award. According to Frost & Sullivan, as end users become increasingly aware about the importance of IAQ, there has been a rise in the demand for high-efficiency filter media in HVAC filters. Kimberly-Clark has responded quickly to this opportunity by introducing a new line of high-efficiency media. Frost & Sullivan said that while most competing filter media loses efficiency over time, Kimberly-Clark’s filter media offers high particle capture efficiency all through the life of the air filter.

The company’s non-woven media is said to combine the advantages of a mechanical structure and an enhanced charge to provide optimum efficiency. To further ensure high efficiency, Kimberly-Clark’s media consists of a mix of fiber diameters in a gradient density structure, with loosely-packed fibers on the upstream side and densely-packed fibers on the downstream side.

To address energy consumption concerns, the company has developed a range of filter media with a low resistance to airflow. In addition, the filter media is offered in a range of minimum efficiency reporting values (MERV), from 7 to 15.

“Over the past few years, providing filter media that fulfills end-user requirements in terms of efficiency and application flexibility has become essential,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Alejandra Lozano. “Kimberly-Clark has designed its new filter media to maintain a low airflow resistance, understanding the importance of providing filter media that not only delivers the highest levels of indoor air quality and sustains high-efficiency over the filter lifecycle, but also enables end users to reduce their energy costs.”

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Publication date:05/17/2010