The Intellisenc and Tongdy Control Technology F2000TSM-CO2 Series air quality transmitter and controller sense CO2, CO, O3, VOC, humidity, and temperature. It has six easy-to-read LEDs indicating gas level. Linear analog (0/10V or 4-20 mA) and on-off control outputs are available. LED and control set points are standard or factory set to a customer’s specifications. Set points are field adjustable with RS-485 communications and a touch button controls operation of the on-off output. The transmitter-controller is 24-vdc/vac-powered. The CO2 version features a self-calibrating 0-2,000-ppm-range NDIR CO2 sensor. An example of factory set points for CO2 is: LEDs turn on at first green - < 600 ppm, second green - 600-800 ppm, first yellow - 800-1,200 ppm, second yellow - 1,200-1,400 ppm, first red - 1,400-1,600 ppm, and second red - > 1,600 ppm.

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