UTICA, N.Y. - ECR International shifted production for many of its EMI ductless and RetroAire air conditioning products from its Rome, N.Y., facility to its Utica facility.

The Utica-produced products include the EMI top discharge multizones and chilled water air handlers, as well as the RetroAire PTAC, RetroAire VPAC and RetroAire WSHP. Additionally, the wall air handlers (WLH/WLC), single- and dual-zone condensers (S1C/S2C), and single- and dual-zone heat pumps (S1H/S2H) became available as special order products on April 1, to ensure ECR continues to meet the needs of its customers who require products that comply with Buy American standards.

“At ECR, we recognize the importance of our EMI and RetroAire products sold under the Buy American Act,” said Tom Legutko, business director of air conditioning systems. “With the systems we manufacture in Utica and now our special order products, our goal is to continue serving our customers in those markets where this designation is essential.”

Publication date:05/10/2010