MINNEAPOLIS - Comm-Works LLC, a provider of technology and infrastructure services, announced that it has entered into a reseller relationship with Advanced Telemetry, a developer of proprietary, smart energy and resource management systems for both residential and small commercial applications.

“As a part of Comm-Works’ Total Energy strategy, we look to offer our customers, with geographically dispersed locations, a best-in-class solution for their energy management needs,” said Al Lampe, CEO of Comm-Works. “We found some significant synergies between our customers’ business requirements for their remote locations and Advanced Telemetry’s EcoView Energy Management System. We are excited to work together with Advanced Telemetry to offer an efficient and cost effective solution to our customers.”

“We expect Comm-Works to realize significant marketplace demand for its Total Energy services portfolio featuring EcoView Commercial since, through an escalating number of real world installations, this user-friendly energy management system has proven its ability to reduce utility bills by as much as 25 percent and deliver a return on investment in just six to 12 months,” said Advanced Telemetry CEO Tom Naylor. “While other energy management systems on the market are largely designed for residential or large commercial facilities, aren’t networked, and require active system monitoring and management by on-site personnel, EcoView now allows Comm-Works to address the unique needs of previously underserved business owners with an affordable and effective solution specifically designed for small to mid-size facilities.”

EcoView Commercial features include:

• On-site “dashboard” touch panel for local control of thermostat settings within limits predefined by Advanced Telemetry and the customer.

• Components communicate wirelessly to enable easy retrofit.

• Web-based interface for real-time access, monitoring, reporting, and remote thermostat control.

• Centralized, remote control of thermostats including set points, schedules, and heating and cooling limits that eliminates suboptimal local control.

• EcoView Commercial can monitor and manage lighting and other devices that would also benefit from scheduling.

For more information about Advanced Telemetry, visit www.advancedtelemetry.com. For more information about Comm-Works, visit www.comm-works.com.

Publication date:07/05/2010