WASHINGTON - William P. Hite, general president of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada, joined President Obama at the White House as the president announced the appointment of Hite to serve on the President’s Export Council. Hite stated that in his new appointment he will work with the Council to create good jobs for American workers.

Established in 1973, the Council advises the president on strategies for expanding U.S. exports for the purpose of promoting American business and American jobs. In this capacity, the Council develops recommendations to strengthen U.S. trade agreements to ensure they are fair to American companies and workers. The Council also advocates policy to explore and expand new foreign markets for U.S. goods, and to help revitalize U.S. manufacturing through new research, technology and skill training initiatives.

Recognized as the principal national advisory committee on global trade, the Council has 28 members from the private sector, with representatives from business, industry, and labor. It also includes 10 members of Congress and 10 executive branch officials (including six cabinet secretaries from Commerce, Labor, Energy, State, Homeland Security, and Agriculture).

“I am truly honored that President Obama has appointed me to this important body,” said Hite, “and I very much look forward to contributing to the Council’s mission of expanding U.S. exports so we can better protect and promote U.S. jobs.

“American-made products - whether machinery, equipment, computer technology, agriculture, raw materials and many, many other goods - represent some of the finest products in the world. Every single global market we can open or expand for American companies will create more jobs here in the U.S.A. Today’s economy, being what it is, demands that jobs should be our number one priority.” Hite added, “I am also very humbled to be given the opportunity to serve with such a prestigious group, which includes distinguished leaders from the top ranks of American government, business, and labor.”

For more information on the United Association, visit www.ua.org.

Publication date:07/05/2010