MORRIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Honeywell has announced the launch of Genetron® Performax™ LT, a new commercial supermarket refrigerant that the company said is designed to provide superior performance in both new equipment and R-22 retrofits.

According to Honeywell, the new HFC refrigerant provides similar performance to R-22, but requires fewer equipment modifications than other R-22 retrofit alternatives with improved energy efficiency versus other HFCs.

“Supermarket customers are looking for an R-22 replacement that can work in both retrofits and new equipment installations,” said David Diggs, global business director for the refrigerants business of Honeywell Fluorine Products. “Performax LT not only meets their requirements, but it also has lower global warming potential, which is not the case with alternatives - an important consideration for future regulatory requirements.”

Because of the phaseout of HCFCs, many owners of equipment using R-22 will need to service their equipment with recycled or reclaimed R-22; use a retrofit fluid; or replace the equipment.

Honeywell said Genetron Performax LT provides the closest match to R-22 performance in supermarket R-22 retrofits. The company also said it is the lowest-global-warming-potential refrigerant for new supermarket installations with improved energy efficiency compared to other HFCs. Genetron Performax LT is an A1-rated refrigerant, indicating it has low toxicity and is non-flammable.

The refrigerant, which is manufactured at Honeywell’s refrigerant facility in Louisiana, is available through Honeywell Genetron wholesale suppliers. For more information, visit

Publication date:06/14/2010