Hill Phoenix has announced a “strengthened commitment” to GreenChill, the cooperative alliance among the Environmental Protection Agency, the supermarket industry, and manufacturers of refrigeration equipment and coolant gases. In a press release, the company said, “Hill Phoenix took a significant step forward by including Flaretite Seals® in all of its flared tubing and hose connections. These connections must be leak-free to enable the system to meet its stringent requirement of 0.1 ounces per year of lost gas for the entire refrigeration system.”

The company went on to note that it increased its leak detection capability by switching from helium to a nonflammable 95/5 nitrogen/hydrogen test gas mixture. “The hydrogen molecule easily escapes from potential leaks where helium may not.”

The Flaretite seal is a copper stamping coated with Loctite sealant. The statement said, “A typical 45-degree flare connection relies on a metal-to-metal seal that can be prone to leaking after hours of vibrations and temperature cycles. Flaretite Seals are installed by clipping the seal on the nose of any standard fitting and applying the appropriate torque to the fitting. Three tabs hold the seal on the nose during installation, preventing accidental loss from handling. “The Flaretite seal’s sealing rings are compressed during installation and maintain a compressive force on the fitting faces that does not relax after extended use. The Loctite sealant is an added barrier to prevent potential leaks.”

For more information, go to www.hillphoenix.com or www.flaretite.com.

Publication date:12/07/2009