The SunStar® Model SC18 and Model SC30 radiant vent-free gas room heaters are designed with soft, rounded corners. The heaters’ attractive, soft, trendy, warm cream finish blends into any room décor. The SC18 Model using natural gas is rated up to 18,000 Btuh and the propane gas model to 16,500 Btuh. The SC30 Model in natural gas is rated up to 30,000 Btuh and the propane gas model to 27,000 Btuh. They provide for easy wall or floor mounting using minimum space. Rubber knobs on the bottom act as a stand for floor-mounted applications. A piezospark ignition system allows instant start-up of both units without electricity. Features include oxygen detection safety pilot (ODS); a flame failure safety device; and user-friendly, top-mounted manual controls or nonelectric automatic thermostatic controls. The 90-cfm blower assembly option can be added to both the manual and automatic thermostatically controlled models to improve the distribution of warmth throughout the room.

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