Cliplight Manufacturing of Toronto, which makes aftermarket products for the HVACR industry, has designated its original Super Seal air conditioning/refrigeration system reactive leak repair sealant as Super Seal Classic to differentiate it from Super Seal Total, a preventative leak product that combines a sealant, drying agent, and UV dye tracer.

The Classic line of Super Seal consists of Commercial Super Seal (one 3-ounce can for systems over 5 tons); HVACR Super Seal (one 3-ounce can for systems between 1.5 and 5 tons); and ACR Super Seal (one 1-ounce can for systems under 1.5 tons). They are formulated for repairing a known pre-existing system leak, according to the manufacturer.

Super Seal Total 1 (for systems up to 5 tons) and Super Seal Total 2 (for systems over 5 tons) have a preventative maintenance dose of Classic sealant that includes Dry-R stabilizer/drying agent for small amounts of system moisture, a small dose of Super Seal Classic for potential leaks, and also an UV dye to trace and diagnose future leak points. If a technician discovers a Super Seal Total system low on refrigerant, the micro leak may already have been sealed, or in instances where the exit hole is too large, the UV dye has already highlighted the problem area(s).

“The introduction of Super Seal Total 1 and 2 is not a replacement or improvement of the original Super Seal, but rather a preventative maintenance product designed for micro leak prevention and leak detection all in a one can application,” said Linda Appler, director of marketing, Cliplight Manufacturing.

Appler said Super Seal Classic is a reactive product that is applied to systems when a refrigerant leak can’t be located or is inaccessible for conventional repairs. She said Super Seal Total is a proactive preventative maintenance product that can be used after a conventional repair to reduce callbacks.

All Super Seal Classic and Super Seal Total products continue to be packaged in vacuum-packed cans that use the system’s refrigerant as a propellant, versus hydrocarbon propellant methods of other sealants. A one-time-use charging hose is included with every can, Appler said.

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Publication date:02/01/2010