MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Contractor marketing services firm Hudson, Ink has announced a partnership with online lead generation service

Adams Hudson, president of Hudson, Ink, said, “We’re delighted to announce a partnership that allows contractors to make the most of their marketing dollars while protecting their investment at the same time.”

Hudson, Ink is a national provider of contractor marketing services specializing in customer retention newsletters, lead-generating Yellow Pages ads, “turnkey” marketing packages, and custom copywriting. has won theForbes Magazine“Best of the Web” award twice, and currently powers the contractor directory for

“As part of our relationship with Hudson Ink, gets access to a tremendous amount of high-value content, which will be used to improve positioning with search engines. This means more leads and thus more value to the contractors in our program,” said Kurt Reuss, president of

The companies said that some of the benefits offered to contractors through this partnership include:

• Risk reduction. Instead of paying for every lead generated, contractors only pay for leads that generate actual jobs.

• Leads are pre-qualified, saving time and money.

• The market is exclusive, meaning you’re not competing for the same leads as rival contractors while you all pay for them. There are a maximum of just two competitors.

• Higher caliber of contractors results in protection of your margins.

• Membership includes a listing in the directory and all the directories powered by, including

• Access to marketing reports and materials, creating an overall differentiation from competitors.

“Over the next few years as consumers start saving more and spending less, many contractors will decide to close their business, but the companies that sustain their business through effective marketing strategies are likely to face less competition as the market rebounds,” Reuss added.

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Publication date:01/11/2010