FARMINGTON, Conn. — Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. (SSM) announced that it has launched an online business sales lead generation Web tool called The company says that sales teams using the Web site will have access to custom-developed contact lists, daily lead generation activities, completed call logs, contact records, leads, and script dialogues. Sales managers will also be able run their own program statistics and call reports.

“ leverages the power of online contact management with outsourced B2B lead generation services,” stated Al Davidson, president of SSM. “The result is a tremendous breakthrough business development and sales management tool.”

The new online business tool provides real-time monitoring from any PC, says the company. “In the past, most outsourced lead generation programs operated in a vacuum,” said Davidson. “Typically, once a lead generation program begins, the only thing a client sees is the final product — a sales lead. For the first time, sales force managers are able to collaborate with us during the lead generation process in real time.

“The result is enhanced lead generation, better qualified leads, and improved ROI. For most lead generation companies, these technologies have been prohibitively expensive and difficult to use, and have failed to integrate with everyday lead generation activities.”

Sales managers can review the lead management tool by visiting and clicking the “test drive” button. For further information, contact Patrick O’Neill, SSM director of sales, at 800-571-5323, ext. 2405.

Publication date: 04/07/2003