The XC95m fully communicating modulating furnace modulates its heat output based on indoor conditions. As the difference between set and indoor temperatures increases, the furnace increases its heat output to meet the load requirement of the house. Once the load requirements decrease, the furnace lowers its heat output to meet the set temperature within the home. According to the manufacturer, the unique modulating communicating technology prevents the system from overshooting the set temperature and almost eliminates temperature swings. This technology allows the furnace to modulate from 40-100 percent of capacity, in less than 1 percent increments. There are only three wires between the indoor unit and the control, allowing for an easy setup and better diagnostic ability. The 24-V capability of the furnace allows for the XC95m to be installed with a noncommunicating outdoor, zoning, single-stage, or two-stage thermostat. The furnace is rated up to 95 percent AFUE.

Trane, Tyler, TX;

eProduct 186