The Freedom 95 Comfort-R™ variable-speed, modulating communicating furnace has a precise level of fuel control, which makes the furnace incredibly efficient, earning the Energy Star® rating, says the company. Rather than using a timed modulation valve, or on-again-off-again thermostat-controlled heating, the furnace uses temperature data from the 900 Family seven-day digital programmable comfort control thermostat to calculate its own heating cycle. It then adjusts the heat output with a fully modulating gas valve for the most even, comfortable heat consumers have ever experienced, claims the company. The furnace comes equipped with AccuLink™ capability. This enables the system to communicate its status and settings to the AccuLink Comfort Control, while also allowing optional remote monitoring and programming by phone. It also relays diagnostics to installers or servicers for responsive maintenance. With the manufacturer’s exclusive Comfort-R feature, there is greater humidity control during the cooling process. Also equipped with a fully modulating gas valve, this furnace is designed to be highly reliable, operating between 40 and 100 percent, meeting real-time heating demands, and providing the ultimate comfort and efficiency to homes.

American Standard, Tyler, TX;

eProduct 181