ORLANDO, Fla. - Emerson Industrial Automation, a business of Emerson, launched Control Techniques’ “Spare Me the Bypass” program. This new program aims to further educate the HVAC industry on the benefits and pitfalls of specifying variable-frequency drives (VFDs) and spares versus a bypass option.

According to the company, high-performance VFDs and spares offer immediate increased energy savings, optimizing energy use by varying speed based on constantly changing demands across the entire system. This optimized energy use results in immediate energy savings for accelerated payback and less wear and tear on equipment. VFDs also offer improved comfort and noise reduction as well as reliability and cost-saving benefits for customers, said the manufacturer.

“Today, drives are more reliable and energy efficient than ever, offering a variety of installation benefits and providing increased energy and cost savings, making them the optimal choice in HVAC applications” said Jim Chmielewski, national sales manager, Emerson Control Techniques Americas LLC. “The ‘Spare Me the Bypass’ program provides the industry with a risk-free opportunity to truly realize the benefits of reliable, energy-saving variable-frequency drives and spares versus using a bypass.”

As part of this campaign, Emerson will be offering consulting and specifying engineers the opportunity to upgrade to a bypass-free HVAC system for one year to fully experience the advantages of specifying VFDs and spares. Product specifications, an energy-savings calculator, retrofit options, and a video on how to replace a drive in five minutes or less is available on the company’s Website.

For more information, visit www.hvacr-drives.com or call Emerson Control Techniques at 800-893-2321.

Publication date:02/15/2010