The Tranquility Large Vertical (TLV) Series is ideal for geothermal ground loop or ground water applications as well as water-loop, thermal energy transfer (boiler-tower) applications, says the company. The 7- through 25-ton heat pump line offers multiple cabinet configurations, uses EarthPure® R-410A refrigerant, and is eligible for additional LEED points because of its green technology design. Standard features include microprocessor controls and a TXV refrigerant metering device. Smaller (7- to 12.5-ton) TLVs are single-stage, single Copeland compressor units. Larger sizes (14- to 25-tons) offer twin Copeland compressors and two-stage operation. Other features include field-convertible location of electrical entry and water and drain ports; dual refrigeration circuits; LonWorks-, BACnet-, Modbus-, and Johnson N2-compatibility options for direct digital controls; integrated performance monitoring and diagnostics, and a wide variety of options to meet many applications. All units are designed to be field convertible to front or back return, and top-front or -back discharge.

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