The Landmark rooftop unit line is available in 2- to 25-ton gas/electric and electric/electric models, and 2- to 20-ton heat pump systems. They have efficiency ratings as high as 13 SEER and 11.4 EER. Plug connections for wiring, panel knockouts, and pre-installed accessories help reduce installation hours. The units feature a corrosion-resistant double-sloped drain pan and all use R-410A refrigerant. Landmark units feature common components and easy-maintenance features such as hinged access panels and an isolated compressor compartment. The use of consistent footprints and utility connections helps reduce the number of unique curbs or the need for adaptor curbs when replacing existing T-Class™ rooftop units. Accessories available include economizers with single or dual enthalpy control to provide free cooling when possible, UVC lights designed to help improve IAQ and efficiency, motorized or manual outdoor air dampers to meet fresh air requirements, and linkage to the L Connection® Network commercial control system using an optional network thermostat controller.

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