The Orbit 8 Series commercial scroll compressor includes six displacements with cooling capacities of 15-40 tons at 60 Hz. It has been specifically designed for R-410A and to assist chiller manufacturers in obtaining even higher efficiency levels than those required by current standards by optimizing each compressor for its specific application, i.e., one series is optimized for air-cooled applications and heat pumps, the other for water-cooled chiller operation. The Orbit Boreal - for water-cooled systems - reaches ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) levels that are up to 15 percent higher than with a conventional scroll design, claims the company. Adapted motors are used, resulting in lower applied cost and better efficiency during part-load operation. The Orbit 8 Boreal offers six capacities. For both versions, assembly kits for even and uneven tandems and trios are available. According to the manufacturer, the sound level virtually eliminates any need for sound jackets. The very low oil circulation rate of less than 1 percent leads to improved heat transfer and oil circulation characteristics, providing higher system efficiency and reliability.

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