NetServiceBooks' web based service software is built to handle everything from service to financial statements. Since handling an entire HVAC company can be complicated, we realized the need to create and design a simple interface for new users to learn the system easier and start off with the most commonly used aspects of the system - NSBLite was born!

NSBLite's design is based upon the user's need to handle customer service quickly and efficiently. We created a new look containing four columns including: Scheduling, Billing, Customers, and Reports. A new dispatching wizard was designed so a dispatcher can record a service call in a series of screens with ease. Our main goal in design was to capture a day in the life of office personnel and provide the most commonly used tools directly on the screen.

We also wanted to provide a modern and cost-effective solution to handle the needs of the HVAC industry. With completely web based software, our technicians can operate from anywhere with any device that has Internet access. Office personnel can work from home when necessary and managers can view live data at any time.

At NetServiceBooks, we are always asking our customers for advice to improve our system. As an HVAC professional, what are you looking for when searching for a service software solution?