The Percotherm™ is a custom-manufactured, direct-contact, condensing stack economizer. It recuperates the residual heat contained in a boiler’s flue gas and transfers the heat to a cold-water stream. Hot water is produced at temperatures as high as 140°F (60°C). Cold water enters the unit at the top and is then uniformly distributed over the upper surface of a packing of stainless steel nodules, which constitutes the heat transfer zone. The water percolates down through the packing where it comes in direct contact with the rising, hot products of combustion. Both the sensible and latent heat contained in the gases are transferred to the water. The products of combustion are generated by existing boilers. The heated water collecting at the bottom of the unit is then pumped directly to the process, or across a plate-and-frame heat exchanger to transfer its energy to a process fluid.

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